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  1. 在同一個 ORDER 拍購以下任何一款產品一件時:
    - iRig Mic
    - iRig Acoustic
    - iRig Acoustic Stage

  2. 便可用優惠碼"courtesy"免費拍購 iRig Pre 一件

  3. 禮遇漏拍、7天內補拍、ORDER # 不同, 則須繳付行政/運費$180.00, 過期不被接納

  4. 禮遇送完即止

  5. 貴客參予上述禮遇活動即表示明白及接受上述安排

  6. Yutron 保留一切解釋權

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Limited Time Offer Courtest Event:

  1. Purchasing any below items:
    - iRig Mic
    - iRig Acoustic
    - iRig Acoustic Stage

  2. Click to purchase iRig Pre free by using Promo Code "courtesy"

  3. Courtesy clicked in different ORDER # within 7 days will have a $180 Admin/Delivery Surcharge. Afterwards not accepted.

  4. Event terminated if courtesy item out of stock.

  5. Attending the above courtesy event means the customer understood and accepted all the above arrangements.

  6. Yutron reserves the right to make the final decision.

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