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  1. ​Whatsapp 以下資料到 Yutron
    - 貴客稱號
    - 產品型號
    - 購買店名
    - 購買日期
    - 附上機印收據圖片 (解說-下面條款第4,5,6項)
    - 敘述壞機情況及周邊配備

  2. 等候 whatsapp 回覆

  3. ​連同寄回地址,壞機及相關附件用順豐速運,運費寄付到:
       852FB 順豐營業點
       姓名: Yutron   
       WhatsApp: 5648 9441

  4. 寄出後請把順豐收據圖像 whatsapp 回覆.

  5. ​申請保用/維修表示已清楚閱讀同意下面條款.


  1. 從購買日收貨當刻開始,請以順豐速運交收維修品.

  2. ​所有
    - iKMultimedia 產品保用期12個月.
    - Zoom 產品保用期為零件6個月,人工3個月
  3. MegaSale, CrazySale則提供14日

  4. 只接受商店機印收據原件否則保用失效

  5. 不設經銷商代收代送, 請勿交予經銷商, 不提供保用

  6. Yutron 直購只須報讀 Order No. 及 WhatsApp No.

  7. 火牛, 停產型號, 電池, 又或禮遇贈品, 電線, 插頭, 插座, 支架, 夾, 配件等非電子物品, 或非SHOP內產品,均不在保用之列. 

  8. 人為損壞或拆開, 保用失效

  9. 接駁非原廠火牛引至失靈, 保用失效

  10. 保用維修安排到Yutron之運費寄付.

  11. 送返貴客之運費到付.

  12. 請勿以順豐到付Yutron,會被拒收

  13. 如零件充足,一般維修須7個工作天,否則視乎情況

  14. Yutron會本著小心維護,但來機如有花痕損崩,不作鑒別,亦不予承擔.

  15. ​水貨、平行進口不承擔保用.

  16. 客戶送回維修品即表示已清楚明白及接受Yutron一切以上安排及決定.

Authorized Distributor Warranty


  1. Whatsapp the below info to Yutron:
    - your name
    - product model number
    - purchase shop name
    - date of purchase
    - machine imprinted receipt image (see below terms and                      conditions 4,5&6)
    - brief your fault found

  2. Wait for reply confirmation.

  3. Courier your Return Address, Product, and the Relevant accessories Freight Prepaid by SF Express to:
         852FB SF Business Station
         Workshop 7, G/F, Block B, New Trade Plaza,
         6 On Ping Street, Sha Tin
         Attention:  Yutron     
         Phone: 5648 9441

  4. Whatsapp the image of the Tracking Number

  5. Applying for the warranty / repair means that you have already read and accept below terms and conditions.

Terms and Conditions:

  1. From day one since your purchase of the product, Courier-In-Repair Service will be arranged by SF Express.

  2. - iKMultimedia products have 12-month warranty
    - Zoom brand products have 6-month free parts, 3-month free              labor.

  3. Sold under MegaSale or CrazySale will have 14day Courier-In Warranty.
  4. Only Original Machine Imprinted Purchase Receipt be acceptable otherwise warranty will NOT be entertained.
  5. Do not send it to Resellers. Warranty will NOT be provided.
  6. Just quote your order number and WhatsApp number if you were Direct purchased from Yutron.
  7. Power Adaptor, Discontinued models, Batteries, Cables, Rack, Clip, Accessories, Giveaway, Courtesy and/or those of Non-Electronic items, or models not shown in SHOP will have NO warranty.
  8. Lose warranty by abuse, or unauthorized dismantled
  9. Lose warranty if connected with FOREIGN Power Adaptor resulted in faulty.
  10. Courier-In-Repair Service to Yutron by Freight Prepaid.
  11. Courier-Return to Customer by Freight Collect.
  12. Freight Collect to Yutron will be rejected.
  13. Fix / Repair Service takes 7-working days approximately in general if spare parts are available.
  14. Yutron will handle the service item carefully but will not check or remind the owner or be responsible for any scratches, cracks, or damages.
  15. Parallel import products will NOT be entertained.
  16. Sending back the service product means you understand and accept all the terms and conditions. 
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