Delivery Service 發貨流程: 

  1. 網拍付款後三個工作天發貨 (庫存計),發貨後系統自動電郵發出順豐速運跟蹤號碼,請注意有可能被定為垃圾電郵

  2. 貨到時間由順豐速運安排決定,一般兩個工作天(但不保證),客戶可自行聯絡順豐速運.

  3. 你的訂單發票會自動電郵發出,不作另發,重建收費每張每封電郵行政費$30.

  4. 你付款時憑證是為收據,請自行保存,如需收取付款確認,行政費每張每封電郵$30.

  5. 不設代送.

  6. 貴客收貨地址須由順豐速運認可屬一般收費之本地office或住宅地址.

  7. 恕不送公倉.

  8. 澳門客戶請安排順豐速運到取到付.

  9. 中國或海外為特別地區, 須另行通知報價. 所有關稅及保險由客戶承擔.

  10. 所有貨品 不設退款退換.

  1. After payment, delivery will be made in three working days (subject to ex-stock). SF Express Tracking number will be auto-email by Yutron Logistic System. Please also check spam box.

  2. Product arrival time determined by SF Express. Usually 2 working days (but not a guarantee). Customers can check with SF Express Directly.

  3. Online Purchase information will be sent by email automatically. No further invoice be provided. Admin fee $30 for a rebuild per copy per email.

  4. Safely keep all your own payment vouchers. Admin fee of $30 required for a Payment Confirmation per copy per email.

  5. Sub-delivery not provided. 

  6. Local office or home address must be recognizable by SF Express as a normal fee delivery zone.

  7. No delivery to any public warehouse.

  8. Macau customer please arrange your SF Express by Collect.

  9. China or Overseas will have a separate email quote. All import tax and insurance are to be covered by the buyer.

  10. All product is Non-Re-Fundable and Non-Returnable


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