Yutron Tech (HK) Ltd

Established in 1993, Yutron Tech (HK) Ltd. is one of the leading I.T. distributors in Hong Kong, distributing iRig IK MultiMedia product ranges such as iRig Mic, iRig HD, iRig keyboard. and Kensington notebook lock series... etc.


As we wish to giving back to society, environmental friendly with cost cut down, we might subcontract to employ handicap, deaf and dumb persons, SOHO (home office), even offshores companies as well for operation support. Please send email to  "CONTACT" to have business inquiry follow up. 


Moving forward, Yutron Tech (HK) Ltd will diversify the company portfolio and introduce more different good products to you.


成立於1993年, 20多年來, 昱忠科技(香港)有限公司為香港的IT產品總代理為消費者, 零售店服務。


為迎接新消費模式的降臨, 我們開拓網上營商,為家中的你,企業客戶, 網店,零售店舖而建造。此外,希望能回饋社會、環保、降運作成半,我司各部門可能外判聘用傷健聾啞人仕、SOHO (home office)、又或離岸子公司營運, 箇此, 一切業務以電郵聯系客戶,客戶所有查詢請點擊 "CONTACT"。




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