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Frequently Asked Questions:

1. 付款後,多久才收到確認及送貨?


2. 送貨前有人聯絡我嗎?


3. 如沒有貨會怎樣?

如沒有貨, 會email 通知, 並建議代替品, 但客戶仍可選擇退款

5. 怎樣提問技術支援?

請點擊 "CONTACT", 本公司只提供有限度技術支援, 顧客請自行查找原廠技術支援或參考以下

- iRig 技術支援(英語)

6. 保用如何處理?


7. 可退貨換貨嗎?


如仍想退換,須補付先前運費,再繳付40%行政及上架費,唯須先自行退還貨品及原裝包裝,待14個工作天經產品通過檢測及重新恢復全新包裝, 方可接受退換, 不通過者須三個月內自行取回貨品,否則棄置,不另行通知.

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  1. After payment, how long shall I receive reply, and how soon the delivery?
    You will receive reply in one working day via email, and deliver within next three working day.

  2. Will there be someone contact me before delivery?
    There will be email contacting you in three working days before delivery.

  3. It so happened that I'm not at home when the delivery man arrived...
    Due to the logistic and admin job has already been carried out, your logistic and admin fee is not refundable. Besides, same amount of fee is generated for the return of the product back to warehouse. Therefore, double fee must be paid in order to arrange another logistic. In case you would like to cancel order, one time fee will be deducted from your product payment.

  4. What happened if no stock after payment?
    Full refund will be made.

  5. How to ask for technical support?

    Please click "CONTACT". We only provide limited technical support. Customer required to seek for original manufacturer support if available or take below as reference

      - iRig technical support (in English)

  6. ​Can I return or exchange the product after purchase?​​

      Return / Exchange not provided. Customers need to                 carefully understand and accept all the product information       and specifications in our web page before purchasing.

      If you still want to return or exchange, there will be a 40%        charge on admin and racking fee, and pay back previous          delivery fee. On top of that, the product must be returned          yourself, and wait for 14 days to pass our product test and        re-packing process. If cannot pass, customer are required        to collect back the product within three months or                    otherwise be abandoned to our will without further notice.

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