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  1. 於購物車點選所需"預訂"進行訂購完成網單及付款

  2. 交貨期為付款後4~12星期,遇上零件短缺或不可力抗因素除外

  3. 不作退訂退換

  4. 不能使用任何優惠碼

Sheet Music

Pre-Order Discount


A discount is offered when the option "Pre-Order" is lit. Procedures as below:

  1. Click the "Pre-Order" button to proceed to order and pay

  2. Delivery will be 4~12 weeks after payment unless parts shortage or force majeure

  3. Order is non-cancellable, non-refundable, non-exchangeable

  4. Do not use any Discount Promo Coupon

Singing with Headphones
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