Diagram 1

1. Mac/PC connection        6. Octave up/down buttons
2. iPhone/iPod touch/iPad connection    7. Program up/down buttons
3. Sustain pedal input (optional)             8. Pitch bend wheel
4. Volume/Data knob (assignable)          9. Modulation wheel
5. 4 configurable setups                         10. 37 velocity-sensitive keys

                                                                     - 3 full octaves    



  1. iRig KEYS PRO Trailer - The full-sized-key universal mobile 
  2. iRig KEYS PRO Overview - The full-sized-key universal mobile 
  3. iRig KEYS PRO - Pro Keys to Go - with SampleTank, iGrand Piano, iLectric Piano
  4. Jordan Rudess plays iRig KEYS PRO universal mobile keyboard for iPhone, iPod touch, iPad, Mac/PC
  5. 一切從音樂開始  - iRig Keys Pro - Tommy Yung


iRig Keys PRO

  • 37 key universal keyboard controller


    iRig Keys PRO gives you the best of both worlds. It’s a super-compact, bus-powered, “plug and play” MIDI controller that you can use anytime and anywhere. Yet despite it’s small footprint, if offers full-size, velocity-sensitive keys, allowing for a realistic playing feel.


    With its 37-key (3-octave) keyboard, you can play legitimate two-handed parts. What’s more, it has loads of pro performance features that will make your creativity come alive.


    Use it and its included software to plug in and jam with your iOS  or Mac/PC.


    iRig Keys PRO is equally useful as a portable MIDI keyboard or studio controller, and a perfect solution if you want a single keyboard to use in both situations. Connect it to your Mac or PC for use with your DAW and computer-based software instruments, and easily carry it around with you to use whenever and wherever you want with your iPhone, iPad or iPod touch.


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