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iLoud Micro Monitor Reviews

iLoud Micro Monitor: "Deliver great sound in a small footprint."

iLoud Micro Monitor: "Clear, precise, tiny pair of speakers."

Berklee College of Music chooses iLoud Micro Monitor

"iLoud Micro Monitors pack in some pretty impressive features!"

Digital DJ Tips award iLoud Micro Monitor 4.5/5 stars and their recommendation for DJ/producers



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iLoud Micro Monitor \ Travel Bag

  • Warm Reminder 溫馨提示

    • Please check stock first before purchase 拍購前請先查詢庫存
    • 門市試聽查詢門市庫存
    • iLoud MM 價錢以一對裝出售 Sell in one pair
    • Travel Bag (Optional, No Packing included 非標配 原廠不提供彩盒包裝)
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