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iK Multimedia Official Authorized HK Macau Distributor 港澳官方授權代理


iLoud MTM 100W 2-way bi-amped speaker with class D amplifiers high-resolution compact studio monitor


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  • 此產品功能為音效監聽調整用途,價錢以單件裝(單聲道)出售,並不是一般一對裝用途的立體聲揚聲器,慎拍
  • ARC Microphone 及其附件均為黑色, 詳見 【Package Includes】


Important Notice:

  • This product price is in one unit packing. It is NOT selling in pair packing and is NOT for general stereo audio applications. 
  • ARC Microphone and its accessories are in Black Color. Details see 【Package Includes】 




All other products shown in the photos or videos belong to their respective owner are not included. Check [Package Includes].

圖中所有其他產品均屬其品牌持有人所有,而且並不是標配, 請查看[Package Includes]

iK Multimedia iLoud MTM White

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