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AmplilTube 4 Deluxe Supercharge your interface





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irig HD2
Amplitube Deluxe

禮品: 會送出一個功能強勁價值三千餘元喺PC同Mac都裝得既Amplitube 4 Deluxe 音樂創製軟件,多買多送,快D嚟啦,送完即止哦***!

*** 推廣活動:

凡於上述期間購買上述 iRig 產品, 廠商 ( 會送出上述禮品


  • 須於上述期間購買述 iRig 產品

  • 須於香港總代理網店(即本公司),授權網店或授權實體店購買

  • 須以英文進行參加登記

  • 須提供購買上述產品的正式機印發票以備查閱

  • 是次活動,與本公司無關,參加者須直接向廠商聯系,唯本公司會提供有限協助

  • 活動增品不提供保用

  • 增品送完,活動即時停止,不預先通知

  • 如有爭議,廠商及本公司保留一切解釋及決定權.




多謝選購 iRig 產品, 祝音樂創意無限!

*** Manufacturer Promotion Event:

Within above indicated period, Manufacturer ( will give above indicated Free Gift whenever customer purchases above indicated product.

Qualifications of the Event Registration:

  • A purchase of above indicated product within indicated preiod

  • Purchase through local Sole Distributor (Our Company) cybermall, authorized cybermall or local authorized resellers.

  • Customer must use English to register the event.

  • Keep respective official machine printed invoice and be ready to produce on request.

  • Our Company have no obligations or responsiblity to this Event. Customers are required to proceed directly with manufacturer. Our Company shall provide limited assistant.

  • Free product from the Event has no warranty.

  • Free product are of Limited Edition. Available only while stocks last.

  • Manufacturer or Our Company reserves the rights to explain and make decision on all disputes.

If customer does not accept above terms & conditions, he/she loses the qualification to register this event.

How to Register the Event:


Thank you for your purchase of iRig product. Wish you infinite music talent!

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