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Official Notice

Yutron Technology Ltd (以下簡稱該公司) 和 Yutron Tech (HK) Ltd (以下簡稱本公司) 是兩間完全不同的公司,  該公司是美國政府所指與禁運有關的公司, 而該公司的法人是林麗敏,完全與本公司無任何關係. 數份報刊誤把該公司中文名字譯作本公司的名字, 因此而做成的損失, 本公保留一切追究權利.


Yutron Technology Ltd (herein after referred as That Company) and Yutron Tech (HK) Ltd (herein after referred as Our Company) are two totally different entity, owned by different owners. That Company, owned by Ms Lin, Limin, is related with the US government export ban. A number of newspapers has wrongly translated That Company into Our Company Chinese Name. Our Company reserve all the legal right.

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