CrazySale 只限自取 售完即止


- Pro Gaming Headset
-Evolve your game with immersive 3D audio, thanks to SBX Pro Studio Technology

-Windows® 8
-Windows® 7
-Windows Vista 32bit SP1 or higher
-Windows Vista 64bit SP1 or higher
-Windows XP 32bit SP2 or higher
-Windows XP 64bit SP1 or higher
-Mac OS X v10.5 and above

Creative GH0140 TacTIC3D Sigma CrazySale(送eCoupon)

HK$799.00 Regular Price
HK$169.00Sale Price
  • 凡購以上產品,限時贈送$100 eCoupon,只限即時一次性用作選購CA2014, CA3001, A320, T3130 或 A40. Check Out 時 add eCoupon "CrazyCoupon100" (此優惠不可與其它優惠同時使用,沽清即止) 只限自取 more info: manual: Subject to manufacturer's final specifications. 貨品按照廠商最終規格 local warranty read FAQ:!faq/clk1

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